About M:5

M:5 Clothing Company is part of a larger mission that brings to the world, a preeminent experience for the soul. We are Blessed, enthusiastic and thankful to embark on this journey of purpose, our creator has bestowed into our spirits and share it with others. As a black owned family business, we are and have been dedicated to remaining FAITHFULFOCUSED and FUNNY in order to create, continue, and sustain the type of mindset that allows us to share M:5 Clothing Company to our family of consumers and offer an experience that is so much more than just buying a cool t-shirt. We are striving to influence a culture, movement and mind set.
M:5 Clothing Company is a spiritually inspired lifestyle brand accepting the assignment as the vessel, to be used to lift up the life experienced while we have remained fueled by our family Motto of, STAY FAITHFUL, STAY FOCUSED, STAY FUNNY. We just can’t keep it to ourselves, friends! We would love for each of you to experience this with us and remember all the while, STAY FAITHFUL, STAY FOCUSED AND STAY FUNNY!!! All that you deserve in this life and beyond is counting on it! 
STAY FAITHFUL, is the mindset that represents a two-edge sword, not just having faith but also being faithful. All things are possible when plugged into the right power source and faith is applied in our everyday life, No matter what! 
STAY FOCUSED, is the mindset that is best executed when the STAY FAITHFUL mind set is applied. To be totally focused, one must not be distracted by the things that truly don’t matter because when we walk by faith and not by sight or thoughts! STAY FOCUSED is a mindset combo of love, faith, gumption, courage and discipline. 
Last, and most definitely not least, STAY FUNNY, the mindset that brings the biggest intrinsic reward to our lives when influenced by the STAY FAITHFUL and STAY FOCUSED mind set combined. One must be free of mental turmoil and relaxed with a high degree of joy, to be humorous and enjoy humor. We all need a laugh for the soul!